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By now, we know you are asking yourself, “How did they come up with the name ‘A Horse Named Moo?’” - and that’s a valid question (with a pretty simple answer)! Our children.

From the start, the mission behind A Horse Named Moo was to allow our children to learn that while life is not always easy, through persistence and hard work it can be extremely rewarding! In our eyes, and the eyes of many alike, agriculture is one of the best ways to do that. From learning leadership, to growing a business, managing money, and realizing that life is about serving those around them - the sky's the limit!

For three and five year olds, life lessons can be quite the challenge! But, here we are: A Horse Named Moo. Of our two children, one was tasked with choosing the name of our business, the other, the name of our first cow. And yes, the cow’s name is Rainbow Sparkle Pants.

We believe that building A Horse Named Moo with our children has been a blessing from the start and we look forward to sharing the many successes in the years to come. There is no substitute for hard work, however through persistence and grit we believe that anything is possible.

During our breed selection process, we studied many different characteristics such as: economic advantage, rapid growth carcass quality, heat and insect tolerance, calving ease, and reasonable disposition. In short, we wanted to produce an easy to maintain, high quality, economical herd while helping those interested in agriculture excel. We feel obligated to help build the future of agriculture through education, leadership development, and plain old fashioned hard work.

"A Horse Named Moo is passionate about their herd and their cattle show it. The genetics that they have put together within a short period of time rivals the most established herd genetics out there. Their cattle have improved our herd and we look forward to exhibiting their cattle in the near future."

- John Ross