Grass Fed


Each year A Horse Named Moo will allow a select number of calves to stay on the ranch and complete their journey from our farm to your table. Our cattle are bred to be champions within the cattle industry and produce extremely high-quality beef within a relatively short period of time. This allows HNM Beef to provide an excellent product at an exceptional price straight from our farm to your table.

We are now taking beef share orders for a very select crop which will be available throughout the year as listed below. Act now as these shares will sell out fast.

Contact us today to reserve your beef share of ½, ¼, or ⅛ grass-fed/grass finished, or grass-fed/grain finished beef today. Let’s work together to shorten the distance between the farm and the food that feeds your family.

What is a beef share?

A beef share is partial ownership (1/2, 1/4, 1/8) of an animal that has been allocated for an upcoming harvest. Most families of 4 will select a 1/4 share which will provide enough beef for approximately 4 to 6 months or around 100-120 pounds of finished product. Each share will contain a combination of steaks, roasts, & hamburger meat which can be customized based on your specific requests and needs.

What is the price of each share?

Prices are set per pound and will vary some with each animal based on the amount of time required to attain optimal finish and the overall finishing weight. As an example most of our customers pay between $6-$6.50 per pound of vacuum packed craft steaks, roasts, and hamburger; making the delivered price for a 1/4 share between $600 & $650.

What is Grain finished beef?

Grain-finished beef from HMN is not the same as what comes from concentrated feedlot operations. We care for our animals on a more personal level each day by letting them graze lush pastures for the vast majority of their lives before being finishing on homegrown grains in friendly and humane conditions. Some of our craft beef will be finished out using artisanal ingredients like millet, barley, or apple pomace. Pasture-raised, grain-finished cows from our small-scale, well-managed farm live healthy and enjoyable lives to create tasty, nutrient-laden beef.

Many customers prefer grain-finished beef for its marbling and tenderness. Grain-finished beef also tends to produce a milder steak flavor than grass-finished beef (which is dependent on seasonal grasses), though both, when done well, result in a fantastic steak. HNM’s pastured-raised, grain-finished beef is guilt-free grain finish that you can feel good about. If you know the name of the farmer, you can trust that they care for their cattle.